Reply To: CLN and share consolidation

Nick Hargrave

A new update to the Azerion litigation published yesterday. The interesting point on this decision is that it looks like Azerion are struggling to make their case on their argument that the inventory wasn’t made available as they are arguing they need to see the EA doc in order to make their defence. Now they can’t see it, perhaps their case is relatively weak. In the meantime, EA was already confirmed from the previous court docs but this now confirms Madden as the exclsuive AAA game. That suggests my hypothesis that the 2 games and 1 team is NFL related and a deal with the whole NFL is in the offing, which could have been the basis for the VST transaction. If BIDS find the Azerion defence, which they now have sight of, fairly weak they may be able to push for an expedited settlement. In the meantime, they are presumably in line for their usual H2 £1m+ R&D tax credit (given the last fundraise said £5m spend earmarked for sports tech build) and no seeming rush on the CLN docs again point to the hypothesis Irdeto are bridging to these events landing